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Welcome to the new photo mas web, a family business founded in 1934 by Francesc Mas i Ruhí, who was award-winning film, and a pioneer in the area of the Costa Brava. His passion for this work leads him to discover after a Latin RGA experience in black and white, the `time of the change in the color shown in this way spread Mas August, the second geeració, this Idili with photography due to the effort and drive in this world also won several national awards for photography. Currently has 50 years of experience in this field, and behind him as a third generation appears Albert Mas who finished surround the magic of digital fotogafia, therefore committed to quality and a good job at most premises within our company. After over 75 years experience in this world of so many changes, black and white, color, digital, we are doomed to follow in our family passion that so many good times we shared with our clients and friends and continue this way with this new website full of services and more equipped than ever to continue to develop our way of life for so long, as has been photography.




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